The Martyr Wasfi Al-Tal

وصفيThe Martyr Wasfi Al-Tal These documents offer a good overview that sheds light on a part of the history of the martyr Wasfi Al-Tal, his personal and political life, and the incident of his martyrdom. It is known that he progressed through various positions of responsibility until he reached the prime ministership, during which he was martyred, may God have mercy on him. Thus, any documents that discuss this symbolic and national figure, regardless of their nature or the date they date back to, are considered a Jordanian historical heritage that must be preserved, especially since the political documents talk about the political history of Jordan during that period and the figures who accompanied the late martyr Wasfi Al-Tal or lived during that era.

The Royal Hashemite Documentation Center of Jordan, in cooperation with the Royal Court and the Wasfi Al-Tal Foundation, restored and documented a collection of documents, photos, and memoirs related to the state of the martyr Wasfi Al-Tal, totaling 17,818 items.

The subjects covered by the restored and preserved documents include:

1- A collection of 3,705 photos, focusing on his childhood and youth, with His Majesty the late King Hussein, may God bless his soul, national responsibilities, his martyrdom, and some miscellaneous photos on other topics.

2- Six diaries handwritten by the martyr Wasfi Al-Tal, totaling 538 pages.

3- Letters and books related to his work at Jordanian embassies abroad.

4- Papers related to the Arab States Union and the Arab Conference.

5- Arab and international newspapers and magazines that covered the assassination of the late martyr Wasfi Al-Tal.

6- Private documents and letters related to his wife, the late martyr Wasfi Al-Tal's wife, Mrs. Saadia Al-Jabri.

الشهيد وصفي التل في صباه
المغفور لهما الملك الحسين بن طلال والشهيد وصفي التل
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