Center's Work

Archiving and development

The Royal Jordanian Documentation Center has an electronic archiving system that operates to archive documents in an advanced and indexed manner according to international standards suitable for all public and private sectors. It has the following features:

  • Unlimited number of users.
  • Comprehensive archival fields following international standards, with the ability to add archival descriptive fields according to the needs of the directorate or department.
  • Assigning an index number following international standards, issued by the program while considering the method of entering items as a group or individually, so that the index number distinguishes the individual document or the document belonging to the group.
  • High-access search engines to ensure access to all related documents.
  • The ability to generate reports in a general or detailed manner in an easy and flexible way.
  • The program's ability to track all actions taken during the archiving of any file and monitor user activities.
  • The ability to process the document image in terms of clarity, with the possibility of adding a watermark to protect the document.
  • The program's ability to archive audio, image, and recorded video files.
  • Adding a confidentiality feature to documents and protecting them with the latest security standards.
  • The ability to save documents with different extensions and formats.
  • Having a unique barcode for each document or file that can be scanned to retrieve the electronic version.