About Us

To provide a distinguished level in the documentation, restoration and archiving of Jordanian Hashemite documents and manuscripts.

The Message

Documenting, restoring and preserving all documents related to the nation’s memory and manuscripts to provide documented information to researchers.


- Collecting documents on Jordan and the household, including correspondence, personal notes, official and private files, manuscripts of all kinds, and all that is printed or manuscript, and collecting pictures of any of them in the form of microfilm, photostat, microfiche or any other developments.

 - Preservation of manuscripts and the noble lineage of the Al-Bayt family.
Maintaining, maintaining, and classifying Hashemite documents and recordings.
- Collecting photos and historical documents were taken for Jordan and the household, as circumstances permit.
- Preserving these collections of historical documents, manuscripts, and photos, documenting, indexing and classifying them according to the scientific principles used for these purposes in order to facilitate the task of researchers who wish to benefit from them.