Center's System

Law No. (96) of 2020
Amended Law for the Royal Hashemite Documentation Center System


Article (1)

This law is called the "Royal Hashemite Jordanian Documentation Center System for the year 2020" and shall be read in conjunction with Law No. (39) of 2005 referred to in the original system and any amendments by a single law. It shall come into effect thirty days from the date of its publication in the Official Gazette.

Article (2)

The following words and phrases, wherever they appear in this law, shall have the meanings assigned to them below unless the context indicates otherwise:

  • The Center: The Royal Hashemite Jordanian Documentation Center.
  • Board of Trustees: The Board of Trustees of the Center.
  • President: The President of the Board of Trustees.
  • Director: The Director-General of the Center.
Article (3)

A center called the "Royal Hashemite Jordanian Documentation Center" shall be established in the Royal Hashemite Court. It shall enjoy financial and administrative independence and shall be linked to whomever His Majesty the King may appoint from among the princes or nobility.

article (4)

The Center shall have a Board of Trustees called the "Board of Trustees of the Center," consisting of a President and a number of members not exceeding six, appointed by Royal Decree for a period of two years.

article (5)

The Center aims to achieve the following:

A. Collecting documents related to Jordan and the Hashemite family, including correspondence, personal and official files, manuscripts of all kinds, and any printed or handwritten materials or images of any of them in microfilm, photocopy, microfiche, or any other form as required.

B. Preserving manuscripts and the noble lineage of the Hashemite family.

C. Maintaining Hashemite documents, recordings, preserving them, classifying them.

D. Collecting historical images and documents related to Jordan and the Hashemite family as circumstances allow.

E. Preserving these collections of historical documents, manuscripts, images, documenting them, indexing them, and classifying them according to scientific principles followed for these purposes to facilitate the work of researchers wishing to benefit from them.

F. Collaborating, coordinating, and exchanging expertise with international and Arab centers related to its mission.

G. Conducting research and studies, issuing documentary publications, and using publishing and electronic communication means for the benefit of the Center.

H. Processing and restoring documents, manuscripts, and images and preserving them.

I. Holding special conferences and seminars and organizing them in collaboration with Arab and international centers.

article (6)

The Center shall carry out the following tasks to achieve its objectives:

A. Conducting training courses in the field of document preservation, maintenance, and restoration, as well as in the field of archiving.

B. Issuing non-academic certificates in digitization and archiving in collaboration with relevant authorities.

C. Participating in tenders related to its work in the field of archiving, auditing, restoration, and cataloging.

article (7)

The Board of Trustees shall assume the following tasks and powers in order to achieve the objectives of the Center:

A. Develop the necessary plans and programs to achieve the Center's objectives, including technical qualifications for collecting, preserving, safeguarding, and classifying documents, manuscripts, correspondences, memoranda, and images.

B. Conduct research and studies and collect information related to activities related to the Center's work.

C. Encourage the establishment of an association of friends of the Center within the objectives it seeks to achieve.

D. Express an opinion on any matter related to the Center's objectives.

article (8)

The Board of Trustees shall meet at the invitation of its President at least every six months or whenever the need arises. The legal quorum for its meetings shall be the absolute majority of its members, with the President being one of them. Decisions shall be made unanimously or by a majority of the members present.

article (9)

A. The Center shall commit to maintaining the confidentiality of documents and records when the interest so requires or when explicitly stipulated by the concerned parties.

B. The Center shall commit to delivering a copy of the final records and documents for any work, projects, archiving, or restoration to the National Library in accordance with the provisions of the National Documents Law.

article (10)

The financial resources of the Center shall consist of the following:

A. Amounts allocated by the government.

B. Grants, aid, and donations offered by individuals, Jordanian, Arab, or foreign official or private entities, subject to the approval of the Board of Trustees.

C. Proceeds from tenders, works, activities, fees for training courses, and services provided by the Center.

article (11)

A. The Director-General of the Center shall be appointed by a decision of the Board of Trustees based on the President's nomination. The decision shall specify his salary, allowances, and all his financial rights, and his services shall be terminated in the same manner.

B. The Director-General shall undertake the following tasks and powers:

  • Proposing plans and programs related to the Center's work, monitoring their implementation, and evaluating them to ensure the achievement of its objectives.
  • Preparing the annual budget of the Center and submitting it to the Board of Trustees for approval.
  • Establishing the basis and programs for the training and qualification of the Center's employees.
  • Proposing instructions related to the Center's work and submitting them to the Board of Trustees for approval.
  • Establishing the organizational structure of the Center and presenting it to the Board of Trustees for approval.
  • Submitting periodic reports to the Board of Trustees on the Center's activities.
  • Representing the Center in international, foreign, and domestic forums and conferences.
  • Any other tasks assigned by the Board of Trustees.
article (12)

The Board of Trustees shall issue the necessary instructions for the implementation of the provisions of this law.