Jordanian Prime Ministry

رئاسة الوزراء

Stemming from a shared understanding and a clear vision of the importance of documentation and maintenance of Jordanian manuscripts, documents, and the Jordanian, Arab, and Islamic national memory, and given the significant importance this understanding holds for achieving the goals of the General Secretariat at the Jordanian Prime Ministry, a joint cooperation agreement was signed for the restoration, treatment, and archiving of documents of the Jordanian Prime Ministry. This is of utmost importance in the Hashemite Jordanian history. The Royal Jordanian Hashemite Documentation Center worked on sterilizing, restoring, and archiving approximately 13,337 important historical documents from the year 1926 to 1990. Some of the most prominent topics that were archived include:
•    The foreign political corps.
•    International Jordanian treaties.
•    Summaries of the decisions of the Council of Ministers.
•    Agendas.
•    Defense orders.
•    The Al-Aqsa Liberation Plan.
•    The Greater Syria Project.
•    The Islamic-Christian Cooperation Conference in Jerusalem, The Middle East Economic Conference 1951-1956.
•    The White Sea and Dead Sea Canal Project.
•    The Petroleum Refinery and Energy.
•    The Three-Year Development Plan for Jordan 1973-1975.

معاهدة لوزان عام 1927
الاطار العام لخطة التنمية الثلاثية عام 1973-1975
الاطار العام لخطة التنمية الثلاثية 1973-1975
أمر دفاع رقم 17 لسنة 1955