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Amman, December 16 (Petra) - The Jordanian Hashemite Royal Documentation Center revealed some rare documents dating back to an early date since the establishment of the Emirate of Transjordan and the era of the thirties of the twentieth century, in conjunction with the celebration of the International Day of the Arabic Language, which falls on the eighteenth of this month.

The Director-General of the Royal Jordanian Hashemite Documentation Center, Dr. Muhannad Mubaideen, said that the first document, which dates back to January 1924, refers to "the issuance of the obedient will by Prince Abdullah, the founder at the time, to establish the Arabic Language Complex (a scientific complex in Amman, the capital of Transjordan) ), And it was published in the Journal of the Arab Scientific Academy in Damascus, and Sheikh Saeed Al-Karmi, Undersecretary for Sharia Affairs and a number of members, was elected as its president, and that the council will be concerned with reviving the Arabic language, publishing schools and literature, giving lectures, establishing a house of books and issuing a monthly magazine.
Mobaideen added that the second document is considered rare, as it was issued on 10/4/1938 and is directed by the President of the High Court to the Prime Minister, according to which he informs the orders of His Highness the founding Prince, that the institutions and official departments should adopt the term “numbered” instead of the term typewriter, given what The official departments encountered hardship while referring to the typewriter and the accompanying employees and messages in repeating additions that contradict the Arab statement, noting that the document indicates the intervention of the founding prince, by setting terms and his careful follow-up of construction and rhetoric in the state’s departments, which indicates the Hashemite interest in the language a For Arabic and building an inclusive identity.


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